Sell Limited Edition Prints

For a work to be considered a limited edition print on this site, you must state in the description, before you print, how long the print run will be, and there must be no more than 150. For example, “There will only be 75 prints produced”.

Customers value short print runs more highly.

When you sell a print it must be signed by you and sent with a Certificate of Authenticity which numbers the print. e.g. number 16/75

We will sell the prints until the run is complete. You do not need to relist if you sell a print, but it is your responsibility to mark the work as “sold” when the total print run is reached. This will stop other customers trying to buy.

You can put dimensions in parts of inches, e.g. the thickness of a print on paper may be 0.2 inches.

Please make it clear in the description which of the following apply:

  • A photographic version of an existing artwork in another medium e.g a print on canvas or other material of one of your paintings.
  • An artwork which exists in print format e.g a lino cut or etching.
  • A digital artwork which does not exist in any other format e.g an artwork produced using computer software.
  • An artwork which digitally manipulates a photograph you have taken yourself. This remains a photograph and should be listed as such.

Works which are digitally manipulated, based on another person’s photographs are not acceptable. Even if you have their permission to use the image, you cannot claim that you hold the copyright (which is implicit in the wording of the Certificate of Authenticity).

All prints must be on high quality at art paper, high-quality photographic paper, canvas etc. and the chosen material must be specified.

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