About ArtGallery.Co.Uk

Beautiful original art from British and international artists

ArtGallery.co.uk is a website where you can buy stunning original art by some of Britain’s most talented artists. We sell artwork by established “names” as well as the cream of the crop of emerging talent. We also now work with the most talented international artists to bring you an even wider selection.

Direct from the artist

When you buy from us you go straight to the source of the art. Your painting is packaged and delivered direct from the artist’s studio.


We give you all the information you need to make your purchasing decision. From the exact size of each work, to the mounting details.

Artists’ eye canvas views

We feature photos so detailed you can see the brushstrokes and canvas grain.

Support and sponsorship

When you buy through ArtGallery.co.uk you are helping established artists grow and maintain their reputations.We also feature new and up-and-coming artists. So you are helping foster a lively art scene and create opportunities for artists to turn professional.

Buyer protection

When you buy from ArtGallery.co.uk you are buying through a company trading since 1999 with an excellent reputation for professionalism and reliability. But that’s not all; you are also protecting yourself from disappointment in many ways. Be smart when you buy your art.

Know who you’re dealing with

Don’t buy from artist’s own web sites. Whilst most artists are honest and reliable, there are some web sites on the Internet set up by unscrupulous traders. We have an individual relationship with all of our artists, and we choose them based on their reputation and professionalism.

Avoid auction-site art buying woes

We don’t recommend buying original art from auction sites. It is very common for the art to be imported from the Far East, where it is painted not by real artists but by labourers working in factory or sweatshop conditions.

Art on auction sites is often very low priced. Whilst this seems attractive, it tells you that your art may be a copy of the picture you see, instead of the real thing, or an unethical import. Remember, art materials cost money, as does delivery, and top quality art is extremely labour intensive.

All our art is created by artists living and working in the UK. When you buy art here, you are supporting the arts profession.

Credit card protection

When you use your credit card, you are protected by your own card issuers protection schemes. And because we use WorldPay as our main payment processor, you are protected against online card fraud.

Money back guarantee

What’s more, because we offer a full 14-day money back guarantee (no questions asked) you can be certain that you are taking no risk whatsoever when you buy from ArtGallery.co.uk.

Money escrow

Avoid the risk of handing money to an artist with no guarantee of delivery dates or quality of work. With ArtGallery.co.uk your payment is held in escrow until you have actually taken delivery of your artwork. Only then will we release the money to the artist. This ensures you can’t get ripped off.

Delivery monitoring

We oversee every transaction, following the order from placement to delivery of your artwork, and beyond. We take the hassle of dealing with individual artists away.

Realistic prices

All our art is priced to sell. Most of our customers just want to buy their art and go. They don’t want to haggle, so we have fixed prices. When you buy art, you are helping to foster a lively arts scene. You are helping more artists to keep creating amazing art over the long term. This helps artists to get better and better. You may see your art rise in value. Because we are dealing with “name” artists, not beginners, buying art here is a good investment.