Why More People Are Buying Original Art Today

It is a fact that the number of people buying original art today is on the increase. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this rise in collecting art. They include:

  • Increase in disposable income
  • Awareness of new artists
  • Understanding of interior design
  • Popularity of art-related television programmes
  • Greater amount of information on original art in the press
  • Increase in original art at auction
  • The explosion of art galleries on the internet

The Rise in Disposable Income

Overall, people in developed countries have seen a rise in their disposable incomes. Of course, this then leads to a greater ability to buy original art. There is less attraction in spending money on mass-produced hanging art or sculptures and a tendency to want something unique. Owning a piece of original art is often seen as a symbol of success. The reality is that the pieces may not have cost as much as they appear to have done. Even people who have seen a modest rise in their disposable income can enhance their home by buying sculptures or art.

Awareness of New Artists

There are always new artists emerging from art colleges or other art schools. However, the majority of the general public was never aware of them. Nowadays, there are far more exhibitions held by these schools and colleges that showcase the work of their students. These are public shows and involve everything from oil paintings and other hanging art to photography and sculptures. These are perfect showcases for the artists and also offer an opportunity for visitors to buy or commission an original piece of art at relatively low prices.

Understanding of Interior Design

Colour psychology and Feng Shui are now recognised terms, but they have really only become so in recent years. People are appreciating the importance of these techniques in the interior design of their homes. Many people would never have had the confidence to design their own living space and would be wary of choosing the right piece or pieces of original art. Now there are books, courses and many other sources of information to help make the decisions much easier. Of course, there are also a growing number of interior design specialists who can take be hired to buy art and sculptures to compliment the furnishings or to completely redesign a room to suit a recently acquired piece of impressionism from one of the Old Masters.

Popularity of Art-Related Television Programmes

There are hundreds of television programmes that people can watch to get information if you want to buy art. These programmes range from room makeover and antique evaluation shows to complete house transformation and fine art auctions. No matter whether a person is completely new to the original art scene, or is simply looking to keep up with the latest trends, there is almost certainly a programme to suit. The previously mysterious world of buying art is clarified and people feel far more confident about purchasing a piece of original art than ever before. They offer an education in the choices and options available to people with any type of preferences and budget.

Greater Amount of Information on Original Art in the Press

The weekend newspapers have become great sources of information regarding art and other interior design issues. Hardly any newspaper is produced without one article or another regarding paintings, sculptures and photography. There are also reviews of exhibitions from new and established artists, with dates of forthcoming displays. They can be a great source of local information too with regional articles.

Increase in Original Art at Auction

There has been a rise in the number of auctions, both traditional and also on the internet. Auctions are a great source of original art and it is worth taking a look at a few to gauge the current price for a particular item. This can help you to decide on the type of original art that you are looking for. Many auction houses produce a catalogue that can be viewed on the internet for forthcoming art auctions. Oil paintings and sculptures sell particularly well at auction and people find their perfect original piece of art.

The Explosion of Art Galleries on the Internet

The internet has become a valuable showcase for art of all types. This is particularly the case for original paintings, photography and sculpture. These can take the form of online galleries for viewing previous work, sites where you can actually purchase a piece of original art. Photography, in particular, has flourished on the internet. There are numerous sites where you can buy electronic copies of photographs for very little money. Many people have used these to begin their artwork collection to good effect.

Regardless of what the individual reasons are, there is no doubt that the rise in buying original art sees no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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