What Happens When I Make a Sale?

What happens when ArtGallery.co.uk sells my artworks?

Once a piece is sold, you will be alerted by email and text message.

You will receive instructions on how to despatch the artwork.

You can check the number of customer orders you have at any time by logging into your ArtGallery.co.uk account.

How much and when will you paid?

Remember, for UK artists, there are absolutely no fees to sell your artworks through ArtGallery.co.uk. Instead we add a commission to the price you set for each artwork. We have calculated your initial commission rate from the information you have provided in your application and this is shown on your home page at all times.

You will be paid approximately 28 days after the sale has been successfully made. We’ll ask you to provide your bank details once the first sale has been made.

For non-UK artists (US and European artists) you must upgrade to Gold Membership to sell through ArtGallery.co.uk. More information for artists from outside the UK.

Going live

You need to add three or more artworks before your artist profile will be set live.

Once you have added these, your account will be reviewed by our staff and your gallery will then go online.

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