Updating an Artwork

On this page you can update the details and prices of your artwork.

Artwork details tab

Title Enter the title of your artwork
Type Choose a type (Original, Limited Edition Print or Open Edition Print).
Form Choose the most relevant art form for your piece.
Style Choose one or two relevant styles to categorise your artwork
Subject Choose one or two relevant subjects for your artwork
Media Choose one or two media for your artwork
Dimensions Enter the width, height and depth
Surface In the surface box, write a little about the materials your artwork is constructed from or painted on.
Description This is your chance to tell potential buyers all about your art. Describe colours, subject matter, materials used. Is it framed? What is the framed size compared to the size of the artwork? How will the artwork be sent? What’s the story and the inspiration behind the piece? The better the description, the more chance of a quick sale.
Show Tick this box to show the artwork on-site. If you untick this box, your artwork will be hidden from all view and cannot be purchased. This is useful if your artwork is temporarily unavailable – for instance, if it is in an exhibition.
Sold Tick this to mark the artwork as sold. If you tick this, your artwork cannot be bought on-site. Useful if you want to keep an artwork in your collection even after you have sold it.
Signature work: Tick this to mark artwork as one of your three signature works.
Exclusive to ArtGallery Tick this to mark the artwork as exclusively available to buy through ArtGallery.

Pricing and delivery charges tab

Selling price The price the customer will pay.
Tip: don’t forget we’ll deduct our commission from this. Click the “recalculate” button to display the amount you will be paid.
Tip: remember delivery charges to anywhere in the UK must be included in this price.
Channel Islands and Republic of Ireland: Tick this box to allow customers in Channel Island and ROI to buy your artwork.
Near Europe Tick this box to allow customers in near Europe to buy your artwork.
Rest of Europe Tick to allow customers in other European countries to buy your artwork.
USA, Canada Tick to allow customers in America and Canada to buy this artwork.

Special offers tab

On this tab, you can set up special offers.

Photos tab

From this tab, you can add more photos to your artwork, or manage existing photos.

Private details tab

On this tab, you can enter private details including notes and your own stock control number for your artwork, if you have one. This can help you keep track of the pieces you sell through ArtGallery.co.uk.