The Artwork Review Process

When you add a new artwork to it is reviewed by one of our team. This is to ensure all the art we sell is of a consistently high quality, and complies with our standards.

When you have added a new artwork and added photos to it, please sit back and wait for us to review it. This normally takes less than 24 hours. You can see the status of your artwork from your My Artworks page.

Our aim is to get all your artwork online as quickly as possible. We accept over 90% of all artwork, but occasionally we do need to reject a piece. Here’s why this might happen and what you can do about it.

Reasons for rejecting an artwork

  1. Gallery photo has extra background.
    This means that the main photo for the piece has extra background such as the wall it is hanging on. Please make sure the main photo only shows the picture itself and nothing else.
  2. Gallery photo does not show the whole artwork.
    Some of the artwork has been cropped out of the main photo. Please make sure the main photo shows all the picture and nothing else.
  3. Gallery photo is skewed.
    In the main photo (known as the gallery photo) you need to take the photo from directly in front. If the picture is taken from an angle we’ll reject it for this reason.
  4. Photos have watermarks or other markings on them.
    We don’t normally allow photographs which contain watermarks, as this has a detrimental effect on sales.
  5. Photos are of more than one artwork.
    You can include multiple photos of your artwork but please make sure you don’t attach photos of a different artwork.
  6. Photos not of high enough quality.
    If your photos are too grainy, out of focus or have other quality problems, the artwork may be rejected for this reason.
  7. Photos too small.
    Please make sure your photos are at least the minimum size.
  8. Photos of edge of artwork required
    In some cases it is vital to add photos of the edge of an artwork to allow customers to see what the edges look like.
  9. One or more photos are the wrong way up.
    Make sure the photos are the right way up before uploading them.
  10. Not of commercial quality.
    We feel this artwork is not of a standard to be sold through a commercial gallery. Please try again with other artwork.
  11. Not enough photos.
    We normally require at least three photos before placing an artwork online for sale.
  12. Description contains link to other web site.
    Please remove any references to other web sites from your artwork description.
  13. Description contains spelling error.
    Please make sure your artwork description is spelled correctly.
  14. Price is below minimum threshold of £25.00.
    We don’t sell any artwork for less than £25.
  15. Artwork or artist based outside of EU or US.
    You must be based in the EU or the US to sell through
  16. Limited edition prints must include the edition number in the description.
    Please make sure the relevant details for Limited Edition prints are included in the description. This will include the number of prints in the edition.
  17. Open edition prints are no longer allowed.
    We no longer sell any open edition prints and we are in the process of removing these from the site.
  18. Discounts must use the Special Offers system. To ensure fairness for customers, and to comply with the law, if you discount your work you must do so using the dedicated Special Offers system.
  19. Unclear if frame is included
    Please make clear whether a frame is included with the artwork or not.
  20. Photos of edges of artwork required
    More photos are needed which show the edges of the artwork
  21. Other reason
    We’ll add a manual note to the artwork explaining why it was rejected.