Sell Gifts and Other Items Online

Selling Gifts Online |

Selling Gifts Online |

Very often artists create other products from their artwork, including cards, cushions, ceramics such as mugs and plates, clothing such as scarfs and jewellery. From November 2016, you can sell items other than original art and prints via

Who can sell gifts?

During our launch period, Premier, Gold and Bestselling artists may sell gifts.

What can I sell?

Anything that is likely to appeal to an art-loving audience that is not original art! We class these together as “gifts”. We are particularly keen on items that fit with the creative, imaginative ethos that our artwork displays.

How do I sell gifts?

You sell a gift in the same way as adding a new artwork to the site. From your artists’ menu at the top of your screen, choose “Sell a gift”. You’ll then be shown the Add New Gift wizard.

You enter your items’ title and description in the same way as you would for art.

One point to note is that for all gifts, we use millimetres as the unit of measurement, whereas for artwork we currently employ the industry-standard unit of inches.

You can set up delivery policies and delivery pricing for selling outside the UK, if you like.

Points to remember

  • The minimum price for gifts is £5
  • Our 14-day money-back guarantee applies to gifts, just as it does for artworks.
  • Our free UK delivery policy also applies to gifts.
  • The terms and conditions for artists also apply
  • The standard commission for gifts is 30% of the net price (i.e., before VAT).