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Paper Scissors Soft Sculpture

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In creating this soft sculpture I enjoyed the thought that I was making a copy of the tool I was also using to put it together! Also I was interested in translating a hard material into a soft one! It is also, obviously, a play on words. The idea was inspired by the late work of Matisse: he used a scissors to create his paper cutout artworks in the latter part of his life. Matisse's illness prevented him from continuing with the technique of painting. He described his method as “painting with scissors.” It is also inspired by the work of Claes Oldenburg. It has been made from strong cotton stuffed with fibre and overlaid with a lighter cotton transfer-printed with actual newspaper cuttings. One or both of the handles act the hanging device, depending on how one wants it to appear: either "jaunty" or straight. It has been coated with a non-toxic, eco-friendly spray in order to maintain it. It is signed and dated on the reverse.
W 22.00" x H 37.00"
W 55.88 cm x H 93.98 cm

About the Artist

Maria’s artistic work aims at an abstract or semi-abstract decorative style. She is drawn to minimalism and pattern. Her sculptures, however, often stem from experimenting with materials, such as the “Knitter’s Chair”. Recently, she has been inspired by Beatrix Potter’s tale of the “Tailor of G...

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