89086 Island of Friday (2012) Island of Friday (2012) Island of Friday (2012)

Island of Friday (2012)

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Island Of Friday (2012) The work sees the strong black strokes made of three Chinese Calligraphic Characters , which means Friday in Mandarin language with the artist clever design. The strong black strokes give an island or boat impression standing in the middle of the sea in a foggy day. The fog 's not like normal fog, but like the light feather, like the cotton slices. "I use the disposable gloves to paint intensively and quickly on top of the background layers to catch a feather-like fog" said the artist . The black and green in the background create a sense of vast space, which on contrary, make the strong black Friday Island poorly alone. The two black circles with white and dark blue fillings seems like someone's eyes looking at something in the corner with surprise. "It's such a bizarred island if you may say so. Or a lost boat in the sea? I believe everyone ve got their own imagination. Everyone was born artist. When I paint this work, I decided to think like a new born baby-innocent and blank in mind- of course after painting the Chinese Calligraphic Characters on the canvas. I would rather let the audience tell me what they have seen from this work. So that I can learn from their imagination and memory like a new born baby. " Said the artist.
W 16.00" x H 18.00"
W 40.64 cm x H 45.72 cm
canvas, painted sides, ready to hang

About the Artist

Peter Q , also known as Huajin Qiu, initially established himself on the British Art scene in the 2000s. He starts practising Chinese Calligraphy art when he was 8 years old under the guidance of two folk artists. In his school time in China and England, he realized that art is a part of his life...

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