Definition of Terms

Some useful definitions of the terms we use when selling art.

Selling price

The price the customer will pay.

Purchase price

The price you will be paid by us when your artwork sells. This is equal to the Selling Price minus our commission.


Whether the artwork is for sale or already sold. Artworks sold through us will always be flagged as Sold. But you can also flag an artwork as sold if you have sold it elsewhere but want to keep it visible on

Original artworks flagged as Sold cannot be purchased through


Whether the artwork is currently showing in your gallery


This means the artwork is currently not showing in your gallery.


You can choose to take an artwork offline by hiding it. This is useful if the artwork is temporarily unavailable, for example, if it is in an exhibition.

Limited edition print

See our article on the definition of limited edition prints.

Signature work

Your signature pieces are the ones which show in lists and searches by your name.


The number of times artwork has been viewed overall.

Placed in basket

The number of times customers have placed the artwork in their shopping basket. Useful to understand how popular an artwork is and how long it might take to sell.


We class items for sale at into two main categories: “artworks” and “gifts”. Artworks are original (one-off) artworks or limited edition prints.

Gifts are non-art products including cards, jewellery, clothing, soft furnishings etc., that are not unique nor limited edition prints.