Creating Special Offers


How special offers work

When you put an artwork on offer it will be discounted to the price you state for 14 days. It will be shown on-site with a red ribbon clearly marking the percentage discount. This encourages customers to buy quickly. It will also be placed in our “Special Offers” gallery which is an enticing place for customers to look.


How to put an artwork on offer

To add a special offer to an artwork:

  • Click on “My Artworks” in your top menu
  • Click on the artwork you’d like to put on offer
  • Click the “Special offers” tab
  • Choose the date you want the offer to start
  • Choose the discounted price
  • Click “Apply special offer”

Please note, you can’t put an artwork on special offer any other way except by using the Special Offers tab on the Update Work page.


Criteria for new offers

You can put any artwork on special offer providing it meets these criteria:

  • Artwork must have been on sale at the original price for at least 28 days.
  • You must be a Premier, Bestseller or Gold artist to use special offers. Please consider changing your membership level if you are not already in any of these classes.
  • The last special offer for any artwork must have ended more than 14 days ago.
  • You can only have 6 artworks on offer (or scheduled offer) at a time.
  • The offer price must be at least 20% less than the original price.
  • The offer price cannot be lower than our minimum selling price of £25.00

When your offer is running

Also, you should understand the following:

  • All special offers run for exactly 14 days
  • You can’t change the pricing of an artwork once a special offer has begun.
  • You can’t remove a special offer from an artwork once it has begun.