How to Choose Original Art For Your Home

The awareness and appreciation of the availability of original art has grown in recent years. This can be associated, in part, to the media. Television programmes and newspaper supplements are increasingly being produced with the focus on art and sculpture. There are numerous experts that people watch on a daily basis, showing how a piece of original art can enhance the look of almost any room. This amount of advice and information can seem bewildering, so how do you begin the process of choosing original art for your home? Here are some points to help make the process of buying art a little easier.

What type of original art do you like?

The first step in choosing original art for your home is to decide what you actually want. The choices can be broadly divided into the following three main categories; hanging art – this can include oil paintings, abstract art or any other piece of art that can be hung on your wall, photography – the styles of photography can vary immensely, but the main decision is whether it is colour or black and white and sculpture – a piece of sculpture can be made from a variety of materials, from clay to bronze.

Once you have ascertained which of the forms of original art you want to buy, you also need to research the artist’s work. You may have a firm favourite who creates pieces of modern art that you adore, or want a piece of art that is in the style of one of the old masters of the renaissance. The internet is a great place to start if you are still undecided

What space is available for the artwork?

Once you have decided upon the type of original art that you want from your home you need to work out the size limits that are imposed by space. If you are looking for a piece, or pieces, of hanging art you have to ensure that it will fit in where you are intending it to go and not overwhelm the rest of the interior design.

Sculpture can be the more difficult type of original art to accommodate in a room. Always ensure that you have an appropriate surface to display the piece on. Another consideration is the overall style of the room that you are buying art for. Original art can come in so many different forms and styles that you are not going to have much difficulty finding the perfect piece to compliment your décor. It is worth bearing in mind that a renaissance oil painting, whilst impressive, would not be best displayed in a modern minimalist living space.

Similarly, a huge abstract wall hanging in a traditional study may be out of place. Not everyone can afford to have an interior designer to create the perfect room to incorporate your must-have original art and you need to buy art to suit the surroundings.

Deciding on, and sticking to, a budget

This aspect of buying art is often the hardest for people to adhere to, especially if you are going to buy art from an auction. It is very easy to get swept away on the tide of bidding and end up spending far more than you intended.

If you are bidding at an auction, stop bidding when the price of the artwork exceeds your budget. Bow out gracefully – there will always be another day and another auction! Your budget is just as important if you are buying art from a gallery, or direct from the artist. Remember that you can discuss your budget with the gallery owner, or artist, and they can help you find the perfect piece of original art to suit your pocket.

Many people begin collecting art by buying art that is small, and then expand to larger ones over time so you do not need to buy a priceless masterpiece to begin with. The best original art collections give the most enjoyment to their owners, regardless of their size or value.