89085 Cannon in D Major (2012) Cannon in D Major (2012) Cannon in D Major (2012) Cannon in D Major (2012)

Cannon in D Major (2012)

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Cannon In D Major (2012) The work shares the same name as the classic music Cannon In D Major by Pachelbel. The artist has been totally indulged in Pachelbel's music when he created this piece of work. He imagined himself a Guszheng (an Ancient Chinese instrument) player playing Pachelbel's Cannon In D Major. He painted the strings on the canvas and then play acrylic paint on the canvas as playing Cannon In D Majoy in a Guszheng. 'I am more like a performer instead of painter. I made the canvas a string instrument and then put the acrylic on my finger tips. I can feel Cannon In D Major 's note coming out from my finger. and then i start to dance. dance and paint at the same time in the Lytham docks. People look at my performance and pass me a shining smile.' said the artist. 'In order to visually express the melody of the music. I used a pizza cutter to track the passion of the strings on the canvas. " The artist paint it intensively fast while dancing to the music. The work visually gives a warm emotion as Cannon In D Major by thousands of strings in vibrant colours on canvas. The touches of finger tips create flower-liked music notes blossom in the air. "I am devoting myself now to using everything around me to create an unique work like this. I am the first one to use pizza cutter to paint." (HUAJIN QIU) This work is a masterpiece which will double its value year by year. Perfect for collection and art investment.
W 24.00" x H 12.00"
W 60.96 cm x H 30.48 cm

About the Artist

Peter Q , also known as Huajin Qiu, initially established himself on the British Art scene in the 2000s. He starts practising Chinese Calligraphy art when he was 8 years old under the guidance of two folk artists. In his school time in China and England, he realized that art is a part of his life...

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