Most, but not all, of the art we sell on this site is destined for private homes.

There’s a 1964 ballad written by Bacharach and David – originally recorded by Dionne Warwick, which explains, “A house is not a home….”. In the case of art, I would claim that a house is not a home, until there is some on the walls or displayed within.

If you doubt me, why do all show homes and hotels, have paintings, or more likely prints, scattered about the rooms? Even the cheapest hotels will never have blank walls. It’s because, they hope to make you feel at home and more welcoming as a result.

summer flowers

So, it is, that one of the first thing the new homeowner does, is to drop into a local store to select something which reflects their personality or complements the décor. The only problem - their selection will be seen on hundreds, if not thousands, of walls across the country.

And, the quality of materials in mass produced products, means that the image is likely to fade in time. Professional artists use materials which will stand the test of time and should be as vibrant in years to come as the day the work was bought.

There are even “factories” where images printed on canvas are “hand embellished” by teams of workers to add enough dabs of paint to imitate real art. You can see these works in racks in some shops. They are not expensive but “you get what you pay for”.


In comparison, any work on this site identified as an original, is exactly that. You won’t find your friend or next-door neighbour owns the same image. The choice of subject and style is yours. It reflects your personal choice and personality. Many of our artists will accept commissions where a work with chosen subject matter, style and/or colours will be produced to order.

The likelihood is that you will want different art in different rooms to reflect their function. And over time, your tastes will change and you are likely to want to have art which reflects those changes. A artwork you choose, will be a statement about you as much as about the artist.

Back to cost - You will find much work here, which is not expensive. You will not find a greater selection or range of prices anywhere; certainly not on the high street.

Our search systems allow you to select by style / subject matter / colour etc., and you can set your maximum price as part of the search.

Alley of soaring umbrellas

But, I have to warn you, many of our customers buy works they hadn’t been searching for; they just popped up. And many exceed their planned budget because they can’t resist something bigger, brighter, more eye-catching, than their original idea.

In the oft quoted saying, “Buyer Beware”. The fact that we get many return customers must mean that they are happy to take the risk.

As ever, if you buy and change your mind, we give full refunds, on works returned within 14 days of receipt. So there really is no risk.

Enjoy your search!