Here at we know that teachers often use this website to introduce their students to the amazing range of art; styles, materials, subject matter etc. which artists produce.

One teacher went further, and in consultation with her students selected a piece for her school. We put Sheryl Buxton of Healdswood Nursery and Infant School in Skegby, Nottinghamshire in touch with the artist Claire White. They arranged a “video call” with the artist, so that all four classes were able to hear from Claire and ask her questions about her and her art.

Sheryl was tasked with finding a piece of art for them to use, for their ART WEEK, when they returned to school after the long time they had away, due to COVID. She was looking for something the children could relate to.

“All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go” by Claire White

“All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go” by Claire White

The “video call” was a great success. Here is some of the conversation:


“Why is she all dressed up with nowhere to go?

Because I was thinking about all the people including me that had nice clothes to wear but nowhere to go, I was sitting in the garden and thought it would be a good idea to paint something showing that.


Why did you choose the colours in the background?

Because we were clapping for the NHS and beautiful rainbows colours were everywhere. I need no excuse to paint with every colour in the rainbow.


Why is she so realistic?

Wow, that's the best question I have ever been asked, I was speechless and said I am really pleased they thought that and did they think it looked like me?


How many paintings have you done?

Hundreds over the years but I only just started selling them on art gallery, before I just painted for friends and family and sold some paintings at work.


When did you start Painting?

18 years ago when I painted tulips to relax, and realised I loved painting so much and it was very relaxing.


Why is she sleeping?

She isn't sleeping, she just had her eyes closed for a minute, plus when I show the children how to paint, this is a good way to start.


Why is her mouth oval?

Because she was saying ooooooh


What are your favourite colours?

Blue is my favourite colour because it's the colour of water and sky, but I also love painting with pinks and reds”.

As the call finished, Claire was rewarded, with a well-deserved, round of applause from all the children.


Young children draw and paint naturally and without hang-ups about “getting it right”. It is only later, when sometimes, adults might say things like, “I think it might be better if…..” that some youngsters begin to say, “I can’t draw”.


Some parents give their children sketch books with blank pages. Some give them colouring books. With colouring books, you have to be “neat”.


Bring on the blank pages!