Pop Art should be:

Popular, Transient, Expendable, Low cost, Mass produced, Young, Witty, Sexy, Gimmicky, Glamorous, Big business (The Pop Art Manifesto by Richard Hamilton)

The Pop Art movement was huge when it started out in the 1950’s and still remains really popular today.

Rejecting traditional ideas of what is beautiful and art-worthy, it turned the “trashy” into art, and inspired many artists including as Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and The Guerrilla Girls. These  artists continue to carry out the Pop Art Manifesto by turning the everyday into art.

If you’re thinking of investing in Pop Art for your home, then you’re going to have a lot of fun selecting and buying this style. Let’s take a look at our bestselling artists and give you our tips on buying Pop Art.

What to look for when buying Pop Art

Pop Art is fun. It’s big and bold and uses mainstream, contemporary culture as its inspiration. The subject or theme of a Pop Art painting is almost always something that is of its time, which is why a typical piece so often features an iconic celebrity or mass market consumer brand.

Andy Warhol used Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s soup cans as his inspiration, both of which were hugely successful and famous in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It’s because of the subject matter that Pop Art still remains on-trend and highly desirable.

A Pop Art piece is usually presented as a painting or maximises graphic design to present the everyday in different ways. Because this movement is all about the present, it gives artists a lot of scope to play around with different techniques and media.

Oreo Biscuit. (Pop art pattern print.)
in Digital Artworks,Limited Edition Print by Paula Vaughan
Marilyn Monroe Hot Pink - Andy Warhol
in Acrylic by Daniel Read 

Leading Pop Artists 

As it’s such a popular style, we have a great selection of Pop Art prints and paintings on the Art Gallery site.

Gary Hogben has been a bestselling artist on our site for well over a decade and continues to sell well. His paintings capture modern society, as well as iconic figures from film, music and politics. His use of vibrant, neutral colours also means they really stand-out and grab your attention.

Sara Sutton really embraces Pop and you can see the influence of Andy Warhol and Graffiti art in her work. She is based in London and uses the city as inspiration for her work, which is vibrant, bold and makes an impact. 

Another artist who really embodies the Pop Art sentiment is Juan Sly.

His work personifies all things Pop and is one of the biggest selling artists in the UK. His work is created in the style of iconic graffiti artist, Banksy, as well as Pop Art ‘masters’, such as Roy Lichtenstein.

The best interior styles to have Pop Art 

Pop Art is a very strong and colourful style, so it needs to be hung in a contemporary interior and is best to hang against white or neutral-coloured walls to make it really stand out.

Having said that, not only does it work well with clean and cutting-edge interiors, it can also work with a modernist, retro or vintage space - after all, it is a ‘vintage’ art movement. As it’s art that really shouts at you, it’s also worth carefully considering the room or space you want to hang it.

If you are really bold you can always try hanging an ultra-modernist Pop art piece in a traditional home. Done well, this juxtaposition can really “pop”!

Where to hang Pop Art  

There are no hard and fast rules to hanging art in the home, but you’ve made an investment and you want it to get noticed, so hanging position it worth giving some serious thought.

This movement is irreverent and doesn’t care about art conventions, so this is the fun part of Pop Art. Hang it in a central location, such as over a fireplace, a hallway or where you think it will make people stop to look at it. Pop art isn’t shy, it needs to stand out and shout.

We have a great selection of Pop Art and we also have artists that use the medium of art to make a statement on politics and mass consumerism. With all that’s been happening over the years, both politically and sociologically, this form of art is also becoming increasingly popular.

Not everybody wants to hang a traditional portrait or landscape in their home, which is why – in true Pop Art style - we also showcase the latest and most innovative artists who are bucking artistic and creative conventions and really making a noise.