Fire up your favourite cheesy love songs, for it’s the time of year when Cupid’s arrow hits us all and we all get a little giddy and romantic.

Hot dates, date nights, a night in with your friends, sending anonymous cards or simply spending quality time with your family; yes, that’s right it’s Valentine’s Day!

We show you how to get your romance on and share the love with some great art and gifts to really impress your partner or loved ones.

Crazy in love

Defining love is probably one of the hardest things to do.

Psychologists and philosophers constantly talk and theorise about it - and have done for centuries - but it’s one of those inexplicable forces of nature.

Authors write about it and singers write songs about it. This thing that is love. Butterflies, sweaty palms and that real joy of seeing that special someone is an unbeatable feeling, and one that we celebrate on Valentine’s Day.

Some people think it’s a pointless event, but there’s nothing wrong with having a day that reminds us why we love that person or people. Why not do something positive to make them happy and to feel good about themselves. You can tell we’re a romantic bunch here at Art Gallery!

Iconic images

The theme of love is a never-ending source of inspiration. Since the dawn of time, it’s been captured in so many ways.

But it’s art that has been one of the most effective ways of portraying love, which is why there are so many iconic paintings and sculptures that have capture our imagination for hundreds of years, if not centuries.

Rodin’s The Kiss is perhaps the most iconic piece of art of all time. Created in the 1900s, it’s an image that has never dated. That’s the power of Love, and art of course!

Gustav Klimt’s Kiss is another image that has been reproduced and interpreted many times. If you were to ask somebody what they considered to be one of the most famous works of art, they would probably think of Klimt’s painting.

An iconic image can express feelings better than words, which is exactly why they are so famous because they have worked their way into public consciousness to become unforgettable.


It’s important to note that not everybody enjoys or looks forward to Valentine’s Day, and there has been a change in the way this time of year is being marketed. We’re seeing a bit more awareness of how we’re all different and don’t always want to conform to specific days or events.

A good example is Galentine’s day, which is developing into a bit of a phenomenon because it’s a day that’s happy not to conform. It takes place on February 13th and celebrates all things female friendship.

Having been created in the TV series Parks and Recreation, it’s grown in popularity in the US, UK and Europe. It’s a great opportunity to get all you friends together and tell them just how much they mean to you.

The other great thing about Galentine’s is that make sure people are around and showing they care, especially at this time of year, which can sometimes feel like a lonely time.


Even though Valentine’s Day is mainly about romantic love, we think we should celebrate love in all its many forms. It’s always great to remind someone special just how much you appreciate them and all that they do to support or help you.

That’s why it’s important to celebrate family; whether it’s children, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, or other people that are so close they feel like a family member. Spread the love, we say!

Not only that, but why not use Valentine’s as an opportunity to reach out to people who may be on their own or missing a loved one at this time of year. There are reminders of love and romance on the TV or in shops, so why not reach out, you never know where it could lead you.

Affordable gifts

As much as we’d love to make a grand gesture and buy an incredibly expensive work of art, sometimes it’s just not feasible. That’s ok though, because we have something for every budget and price range.

We have paintings from as little as £25 that make very grand and touching gestures on a small budget. More often than not, these are the gifts that last and are cherished for a lifetime.

We love a bit of romance at art gallery, and so, it seems do our artists. We have over 1,000 paintings on the subject of love alone, which shows just how powerful a subject it is, not just  for artists, but all of us.