Art, in all its amazing forms, is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a really personal and thoughtful present for loved ones, friends or even that certain someone you’ve been trying to impress!

We’ve got a whole heap of gifts to choose from, and here are some of our top picks and tips on buying the best presents.


There are over 42,000 art works on ArtGallery, so we’re pretty confident you’re going to find the perfect gift.

Paintings last almost forever and are a great way to show how much somebody means to you. They even look great under the Christmas tree!

The challenge with art is that it’s very subjective, so when choosing a gift always keep the person you’re buying for at the very front of your mind. In most cases, the rule of thumb is to buy a present that you’d like to get, but in the case of art, think about what the other person would want.

If you’re going to visit that person before the festive period, it’s worth checking out what they hang on their walls to give you inspiration. If they mainly have photography or abstract art, then a traditional landscape scene is probably not going to be their preferred style of art.

Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with shaking things up a bit. Sometimes a leftfield gift can be a great way to introduce new styles and themes. If you think a particular painting would look great in their home, then a good compromise could be to fuse two styles.

For example, an abstract landscape may be something they’ve not considered before.


Why not get off the wall and get three-dimensional with a gift of sculpture. If you feel buying a painting is just too much of a risk, then sculpture can be the perfect alternative.

There are so many styles and forms that suit every style of interior.

The fact that sculpture is mainly made from neutral-coloured and textured materials means it’s a really versatile medium. Even if you choose a more traditional theme, such as a nude, it’s hard to go wrong, even in a highly contemporary room or house.

Sculpture also looks amazing in an outdoor setting, so if you’re buying for a keen gardener, a piece of art could transform their garden and help bring out the style or theme of the outdoor space.

Finishing touches

Art can even help accessorise a room, which is why we have a gift shop on our site with an extensive range of finishing touches to help complete a look or room set.

Lighting is an important part of the interior design process, so buying a light sculpture can help shape a room and its mood. It also serves two purposes, as it’s not just a piece of art, but a functional gift as well. Ideal for the more practically-minded amongst us.

On the theme of practical gifts, form and function can take shape in so many objects. If you’re buying for a person who doesn’t really have an interest in painting or sculpture, then what about a useful household item, such as a teapot or soap dispenser?

Art can present itself in so many ways, so even for the most practical of people, there’s a way to give them something visually outstanding that has a useful purpose.

Sports enthusiasts

Buying for a sports enthusiast does make the gift-giving process a lot easier. There are many artists painting scenes of sports people, horses or competitions in action, so there’s something for every sports fan.

For example, if you know someone who is devoted to a particular football team, there are paintings of stadiums to delight, and even portraits of footballing legends to really help fuel their passion in the sport.

Christmas budget

As much as we’d love it, we don’t all have a disposable budget at Christmas, which is why we have a selection of art for every pocket. Whether it’s a few pounds or thousands, we have something for everyone.

Not only do we sell works for people making a long-term investment, but we also sell pieces for under £50. Currently, we have a range that includes a framed print by Claudinne Peronne, for all those cat lovers out there, and some Pop Art by Lee Proctor.

Even our gift shop sells items for the budget conscious, and the reason for this is because we believe in art for everybody, and not something that is the preserve of the rich and famous.

I haven’t got a clue

If the process is proving to be tougher than you thought – after all there are 42,000 pieces to choose from! - then there’s always a Gift Voucher. It’s still a great gesture and it means you can feel more confident that that person will choose a piece of art they love.

We sell Gift vouchers to suit every budget, that start from as little as £5, and go right up to as much as £500.

Whichever way you look at it, art as a gift is a highly personalised gesture that has a positive impact on many levels. What better way to show someone how much they mean to you than a present that isn’t disposable, but lasts for years, if not a lifetime.