You’ve bought some paintings and, if you’re a super-efficient and organised person, then you’ve already hung them and they look amazing. We salute you.

If, like the rest of us, they’re still in their packaging or, ahem, leaning against the wall waiting to be hung, then we reckon you need some motivation to finish the job. It can seem like a bit of a chore and it does appear to be one of those jobs that gets put off every weekend.

We’re here to get you motivated and in the zone. Stand back, take a look at the room or space you want to hang your paintings, throw out any preconceived notions and have some fun bringing your walls to life.

Plan before you hang

As with any interior project, the key is in the planning. Firstly, make sure your selected paintings come to life and work in your chosen room. It’s worth moving them around your home just to double-check it doesn’t look even better in another space or in a different light.

Once you’ve done this, sketch out on a piece of paper how you want the chosen wall to look. Think about whether it’s going to be minimalistic with one painting or a feature wall with many, as well as whether it’s going to have the work of one specific artist or a selection.

This will help give you a clearer idea of the style you are trying to achieve and how you want the wall to look. It can be frustrating when you’ve hung the paintings and the layout doesn’t work as well as it did when you imagined it.

Get cramming

Sometimes the best results can be achieved by going with gut instinct. If you want to use up every bit of wall space, then go for it!

Cramming paintings on a wall is great for creating a homely and cosy atmosphere. If you like a more lived-in look then this way of hanging art is ideal. It can also make a big, potentially cold space look a bit smaller and more inviting.

This way of displaying art is also particularly good in a child’s bedroom, as you can hang all their favourite pictures without having to worry too much about themes and styles. It also doesn’t matter how high or how low you go on the wall, it still looks just as effective.

Become an art gallery

If you’re buying art as an investment, then this is a great opportunity to make it the focal point of your home. By using a neutral colour palette on walls and a more detailed use of lighting, especially downlighters, you can create a gallery space.

If there are any areas, such as the hallway, where you can have hidden cupboards and remove any furniture, then you can create a space that will amaze friends and visitors alike. Suddenly your home becomes something altogether very different, a creative hub or even an actual gallery.

Break the rules!

Ok, so there are set conventions on hanging paintings in order to give you and your guests the best way to look at art. However, there’s nothing wrong with throwing out the rule book from time to time.

If you want to hang a large painting or photograph in a smaller or more compact space, then there’s nothing to say you can’t. if it works, go for it.

Large painting of a horse

Image courtesy of Houzz
Three walls with a painting on each

Additionally, if you want opposing styles and media to hang next to each other, or even hang a painting higher than the eyeline, then breaking these conventions can also be very effective.

Art collection comprised of different media

Image courtesy of Houzz
Simple gallery in a home

Image courtesy of Houzz

Don't hang it

If all else fails, there are other solutions besides putting nails in a wall. Bulldog clips have become a popular way of displaying art, and sticking posters on a wall is starting to make a comeback as well.

Gallery wall comprised of posters

Image courtesy of Houzz

If you live in a Victorian property and still have picture rails in your rooms, then hanging a painting from these is also starting to see a resurgence. What was, until recently, seen as a very dated way of hanging art now works well with an eclectic or Vintage interior.

Gallery wall in a home using picture rails

Image courtesy of Houzz
Pictures hung using picture rails

Image courtesy of Houzz

As the saying goes; your house, your rules. Don’t be afraid to hang art in a way that works for you and your home. More often than not, it’s the painting that will tell you where it looks great, so whether that’s on a wall, in a frame or simply leaning against a mantelpiece, it won’t fail to impress guests and be a constant joy to look at.