Years ago, professional art students were taken through a rigorous regime involving drawing from the life model and various other still-life groups. The development of skills was paramount. Further back than that, a classical training involved working from casts of Greek and Roman figure sculptures and busts. They were considered examples of ideal beauty. There was a consistency of approach to “training” which current students would find totally limiting. On the other hand, students were actually taught, whereas today, some would claim the freedom to experiment lacks focus. So it is, that every new artist has the need to discover their own technique and decide their personal subject matter. The choices they make reveal a lot about themselves.

Aletia Thomas is in love with horses. Her knowledge of their anatomy and personality shines through every brush stroke and bounces off every canvas. Whether the technique is classical or more impressionistic, the horse is the star.  Aletia is enraptured by their curves and contours. Her painting technique describes not only her subject but the emotions they evoke from her. These animals are not mere beasts of burden, they are personalities.

Ian Blaikie’s work is just as technically excellent but his work exhibits a degree of nostalgia. His paintings most often celebrate the achievements of designers, architects and engineers from the past. Whether the subject is a motor vehicle, a bridge or other building, the images hark back to a different time. Even his landscapes have a serenity unspoilt by the ugliness of the Modern World. His approach is more conventional, but none the worse for that.

Ery Burns is the youngest of the three artists on show in Malvern Theatres. The freshness of her work reflects the optimism of the young. The clarity of colour, the cleanness of technique take her abstract pop-art style to another level. She takes inspiration from nature, urban cityscape, the 1980's, and famous surrealist artists like Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro. With a love of thick bold line and vivid colour her paintings have a majestic energy.

All 3 artists are new to showing their work in Malvern Theatres. It continues to be a venue where you will see fresh art throughout the year.

The exhibition is open every day 7 days a week from 15 January until 3 March. All work is for sale, via this online gallery and will be delivered within 5 days of purchase.