If not totally or partially abstract, artists seek inspiration from a variety of sources in the world around them. It might be people or places; a famous personality or an unknown model; a familiar destination or a private secluded spot, all can be the starting point for a new work. It might be plant forms, animals or the more traditional still-life motifs. But whichever of these create the spark, an artwork which merely reproduces a near photographic representation of a subject fails to excite potential customers. Most people, these days, have a camera or camera-phone which allows them to capture the image themselves.

So it is, that the 3 artist showing throughout the next eight weeks in Malvern Theatres offer far more than photographic realism. Each one adds their personal touch to each image. That’s what real painters do!

Sam Fenner has a keen following of existing customers which shows that there is a strong appetite for her exciting and amusing portrayal of animals. The whimsical manner with which she portrays her subjects is superbly matched by her titles. She has shown at Malvern before and always sells. Her ability to make the viewer smile is guaranteed.


Graeme Robb is another returner to Malvern. His Landscapes which draw heavily on both Impressionism and Pointillism are neither. They bring a novel approach to the art of landscape painting. Some celebrate well known beauty spots others are less specific. All have a richness of colour which delights.

Jadu Sheridan is the newcomer to the theatre. In her case, it is the freshness of colour and the brightness of the landscape which attracts her. More traditional they may be…but a celebration of nature and the assured use of materials she uses to depict her subjects lift them above the norm.

The exhibition runs every day from Monday 21 August, through the Summer break and up until 14 October.