Inspiration comes from many sources. Often it is the work of great artists from the past. Such an artist is Graham Sutherland; perhaps best known for the huge Coventry Cathedral Tapestry or the portrait of Winston Churchill which his wife destroyed because she found it “too honest”. In 1934 Sutherland visited Pembrokeshire for the first time and was profoundly moved by its landscape, and the region remained a source of inspiration for his paintings for much of the following decade. It was in 1958, that I watched a Black and White BBC TV programme about Sutherland’s work. It inspired me to train as a Fine Artist. His early works from the same period are a major influence of the paintings of Mark Masters. And so it is my great pleasure that he has agreed to show his most recent work in Malvern Theatres. He shares Sutherland’s interest in natural forms in juxtaposition with man-made elements. In the same way, the resulting images are highly evocative. Mark focuses on the inherent strangeness of natural forms, abstracting them to sometimes give his work a surrealist appearance.

Jeanette Faulkner Clarke loves horses and her understanding of their anatomy and temperament shines out of every work she has included in this new exhibition. Like many artists who hone their skills on one subject matter, her technique continues to develop, so that these works are a step on from those she showed in her previous exhibition in the theatres.


Jools Lawley has also shown, very successfully, in Malvern Theatres before. Her calligraphic style renderings of men women and children always produce a smile. She is happy to produce personalised works on both paper and canvas to celebrate a wedding, an important birthday, a favourite team etc. You can commission Jules to produce work similar to one on show or ask for something completely unique.

The exhibiton runs every day from 11.00 a.m. until late into the evening.