The one thing I have learnt from curating exhibitions at Malvern Theatres, is that the theatre-going public will always take the time to study the works on show. They come to see a play, watch a film or just use the popular Bistro, although increasingly, some come just because they know there will be new work to look at. To encourage customers and support practising artists it’s possible to buy via an – OWN ART – interest free loan; an Arts Council initiative. The choice of artists on show tends to be a mixture of works from artists never seen before in Malvern and other paintings from those with a proven following; nothing too “way out” or too “traditional”. All the works are intended to encourage dialogue.

David Shiers, has a proven track record of sales over a number of years. He has shown successfully in the theatre before. He travels from the Wirral, where he lives and has his studio. He has worked in various studios as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, exhibiting widely around the country. The only tuition he ever received was from attending Liverpool College of Art life drawing classes. He now paints mostly landscapes, and architectural subjects. The paintings are all about capturing the light, atmosphere and essence of a subject. Although he works in a wide variety of media, all the works in this show are in oils.

Jill Lloyd has also shown in the theatre before. Based in Herefordshire, she paints avidly and with passion and says she feels 'driven to paint'. Her works are a celebration of the joy of nature and of colour. This liveliness is very apparent in her work. She uses brush and palette knife to produce her pictures. She has a great love of colour and whilst she likes to paint traditionally, finds herself drawn to abstracting her work and painting in an Impressionistic style. Her interest in the coast is influenced by her upbringing in Lytham St. Annes. Jill’s work is now owned by collectors across Europe and further afield.

Nineke Havinga was born and brought up in the Netherlands, but has lived in the UK for more than 20 years. Her passion for painting actually started when she moved to England. The beautiful landscape, very different from the land of her birth, inspired her to begin with watercolour. She then moved to work in acrylics, which are a very versatile medium. They dry quickly, which means she can overpaint again and again, adding new colourful forms and shapes. She says that her paintings can be of any subject as long as the end result is colourful and often abstract. Her aim is to provide a starting point from which the viewer can follow his or her own imagination to a personal interpretation. This is Nineke’s first exhibition in Malvern.

For an artist, being in an exhibition is not just about sales. For many, it is also the opportunity to see their own work displayed together, and for the chance for their art to be seen by the public. In both cases, there are few better places to exhibit. Thisexhibition is open every day, throughout the day, until 1 July.