We try to make the selection of artists we invite to Malvern Theatres a mixture who have never shown in Malvern before as well as some who are firm favourites. The three in the current show are all new.

Martin Ball is a self-taught artist from the Bristol area with a background in graffiti art and illustration.

His work is built from his love of colours, energy and emotion.  He aims to create works which add a real visual impact to any room.

Like artists for generations before him, he has chosen currently, to concentrate largely on one style. This focus allows him to explore subtle differences in tone and balance – reaching for perfection with every new work. But, like all artists before, he will probably never feel he has achieved this final step. In the meantime we can revel in some of the most energetic and vibrant works Malvern has ever seen.

Selling online is a newish venture for him. He has, however, attracted significant attention on the internet and is already selling well.


David Barber has a B.A. Hons Degree in Art and worked for many years as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

 A large proportion of his early working life was spent in the magnificent landscapes of the Cumbrian and Peak District - National Parks. From these early days he developed a real love for the peace and beauty of these places. His paintings are produced in response to frequent walks through these wild and often bleak open spaces. They are an attempt to capture some of the light and freshness of nature through a thoughtful use of colour and tone.

Early stages of a painting progress quickly with rapid brush strokes applied very loosely to the canvas to sketch in the major features of the composition. A tonal under painting is built upon these initial marks and this is followed by the application of the major colours. Final adjustments to colours and compositional elements are then made to complete the painting. Wherever appropriate he retains as much of the initial 'sketch' phase in the final work as possible, as it's often this stage that gives the paintings their vibrancy.

He produces paintings that can hold your attention with their rich colours or carefully placed details. He doesn't rely on tricks, but completes his works with care, love and patience. He says,

“I want owners of my work to feel as though they've bought a jewel that they can treasure”.

David’s work is held in several galleries and until recently, these have been his only outlet. Selling online is a newish venture for him.

David Moore was born in Derby. He is entirely self-taught but, as can be seen from the work in this exhibition, clearly has a high degree of natural ability.

Some artists adopt a style which they settle into, going on to refine and hone the outcome over a number of years. Others go through a series of styles over time. Unusually, in David’s case, he has chosen to paint in a wide variety of genre, thereby showing an impressive degree of skill. He is influenced by many great artists, which is why his artworks are so varied. His strongest influences are the French Impressionists.

 The works in this exhibition are largely in oils but all are on canvas. His works have been purchased world-wide.

The exhibition is open every day - all day until the last show closes until Saturday 1 April.