All artists draw inspiration from the world about them. In some cases the starting point is nature itself, in others it is humanity, while for yet others, the world of fantasy takes over. But in every case, art without reference to elements which are recognizable cannot engage the viewer. And, it is the capacity to engage which separates the noteworthy from the merely mundane. Art should not be for decoration but for far more. Living with a good work of art involves a daily conversation. Owning a work by one of the 3 artists showing in the new exhibition in Malvern Theatres would make such a dialogue possible.

 Miriam Meek had a love for painting and drawing throughout childhood. She began devoting more time to developing her style of painting following her youngest child starting school. Now several years later, she has exhibited across the Midlands as well as selling via the internet. 

Working with acrylic, her semi abstract paintings are inspired by the sky and it's ever changing colour and movement. Whatever the time of day or the time of year, as the light changes, the sky provides endless new ideas. Whether it is vibrant or a gentleness in the light depicted, each painting has a journey and a story of it's own.

Iso Bella chooses a similar mode of expression, but for her the whole landscape becomes her inspiration. She works in a variety of media. Each, whether, watercolour, oils or acrylics allows and encourages different interpretations of what she has observed. Although she also produces prints, all the work in this show are paintings on canvas. She has exhibited and sold across the UK. Both Miriam and Iso produce works which, although drawing inspiration from nature, rely upon their images evoking the transient nature of the play of light in the natural environment. Photographic they are not, they are more real as a result.

Rachel Blackwell’s works may at first glance seem more straightforward. Her images are all recognisable, but of course, all are imagined, not records of real events. Her work is often bought by parents for their children but is loved by both. All of us have memories of tales told to us and by us, intended for the young, but enjoyed because they continue to echo around our heads as innocent memories. This is the World that Rachel inhabits.

The exhibition runs every day – all day from January 9th to February 18th.