Hello I’m Colin I am the person who makes sculptures from found objects. I also do marketry pictures but that’s another story.

In order to find the objects that inspire; you have to do a lot of looking. For me that is the best part, beach combing, enjoying the ‘lonely sea and the sky’. These are the essential ingredients of this process.

I am not sure what draws me to the edge of the land; is it space, is it timeless rhythm, is it the light or just the grains of sand? Whatever it is, the wonder lust, the treasure hunt, for me, it is perfect heaven.

Peveril Point Lighthouse - Colin Miles

As I am short-sighted it is always reassuring to actually still be able to find small objects. I like driftwood and stones with holes in. There is a history and truth about them. I particularly look for small twigs in funny shapes. In them I see dancers, jugglers, joggers, jumpers, fliers and figures of fun, all physical freedoms.

With pieces of cloth, sticky paper tape and string, I join bits together, bind them up to make them whole and come alive. I like my figures to jump for joy, to celebrate life. As an early retired person, freedom is obviously important. I also wish to create my own beauty.

A good find is magic; it makes me happy, content, satisfied and fulfilled. It’s like a reward for living, a reason for being; it makes the point of walking on the beach on that day in that particular way. As if the object has found me rather than the other way round.

I am the person who makes sculptures from found objects and I hope you like them.

Beach Huts - Colin Miles