People who like Art sometimes see a work which they want to buy, but the price-tag puts them off. After all, it’s easy, and inexpensive, to buy an open edition print from your local high-street store. But, how do you feel when the guy next door has the same work on his or her wall?
Buying original artwork can be daunting and cost more than any “spur of the moment” purchase. 
There are two things you should know. The artists who show their works in Malvern Theatres Exhibition space always have proven track records of multiple happy customers. Most importantly, all of the works on show in exhibitions there can be bought with a ten-month interest-free loan. OWN ART is an Arts Council England initiative intended to support artists and encourage the public to hang quality work on their walls. 
So now, the purchase of that gorgeous original, suddenly looks more possible.
All 3 artists in this new exhibition sell well and painting is their “bread and butter”.

Karl Hamilton-Cox produces stunning images of animals; painted on leather to add that sense of luxury one gets when sinking into a leather armchair or sliding into the leather upholstery of the most expensive auto. He has had stunning success since taking up art after 22 years in the Armed Forces.

Colin Ross Jack produces Oils with a variety of subject matter. His love of Astronomy drives him to produce some work, and his love of the sea and his exploits in foreign travel all feed his creative juices. His richly textured works are in high demand.

Tiffany Budd is a multi-award winning artist whose career has seen time spent in textile design, interior design and finally, Fine Art. Her colour pencil work takes the “crayon” to a whole new level. Her work is recognised and appreciated by individual members of the public and large corporations alike.

The exhibitions runs every day from Monday 10th October to Saturday 19th November