One of the reactions to the new extension to Tate Modern is that there are works nobody has ever seen before from relatively “unknown” artists. How often have you heard visitors to galleries seeking out the familiar and almost ignoring other equally good works of real quality. We all rely on the familiar in our everyday lives. If your favourite cup isn’t where it usually is, the day doesn’t start well. But to complain about being introduced to new Art surely misses the point. At the cutting edge, new work should challenge the viewer.

But, do you want to live with a pile of bricks or an unmade bed?

The works on show in Malvern until 20 August are fresh but are produced by artists who have a track record of selling works you can live with. All three have exhibited successfully here before. Their work graces homes and offices across the UK and further afield.

Lesley Blackburn completed a Foundation Art Course at Wakefield School of Arts and Crafts in West Yorkshire. She went on to achieve a BA in Fine Art and Sculpture in 1979 at Winchester School of Art. She has sold work privately as well as through the internet. She has exhibited and sold work in a gallery in Surrey. Her work is largely influenced by impressionism and she particularly specialises in paintings featuring water and seascapes. She recently gave up full-time employment to concentrate on her paintings, working in a purpose-built studio in her garden. Lesley is among the top twenty selling artists through – a site which sells work from over 2,000 other artists. This return visit by Lesley features some of her most recent works.

Hazel Thomson has travelled the world, and meeting all sorts of people in the arts, sciences; people who are very spiritual. She says”, I am always learning in life and observing the obvious and not so obvious. I am always looking to conceive, cultivate and embrace new concepts and ideas in my art work”. She goes on walkabout around the country, observing places in all seasons and different times of the day. People have described her work as classical and but with more than a hint of the contemporary. She has sold her paintings in the UK and overseas. Since taking up painting full-time, in 2012 she has exhibited in an astonishing number of venues, regularly winning prizes and commendations.

Mark Bennett grew up in the Cotswolds and has painted from a very young age. He started exhibiting professionally in his early twenties. Since then each exhibition has been more and more successful and his paintings can now been seen throughout the country on a regular basis and in private collections throughout the world. He has been described as a rising star in the art world, his pieces have been compared to the likes of Fabian Perez, Jack Vettriano and Mark Spain and have become more and more collectable. Mark is inspired by many other art forms, particularly dance and music which are the focus of most of his pieces. Mark says of his work, "I love to paint passion and emotions in people and can see this most in dance. I paint fast and loose with oils which create great textures." Mark, like Lesley and Hazel has successfully shown in Malvern before.

The exhibition can be viewed all day every day from Monday 11 July to Saturday 20 August.