Her Majesty Elizabeth II's portrait surrounds us daily more than we stop to think about - she's on stamps, coins and banknotes. We even see her initials on letter boxes. 

A Life Extraordinary: Queen Elizabeth II by Angie Wright

Our queen is also one of the most recognisable and painted faces in modern portraiture, recreated by the likes of Andy Warhol, Lucian Freud and Justin Mortimer to name but a few.

To mark her 90th birthday, we celebrate by looking at ArtGallery artists who have also taken inspiration from our monarch.

The Street Party by  Jadwiga (Yaja) Kindermann

The Street Party shines a light on other countries around the world who also join in with royal celebrations. Kindermann’s oil on canvas displays a real scene taken from a photograph of a Christian food station in Pakistan, where children are gathered to celebrate the royals and have lessons.

Buckingham Palace by Darren Andrews

This particular view from the Mall is one of London’s most popular and iconic landmarks. It features a view of the palace painted in the iconic fuchsia pink used in the game Monopoly. It's painted by Darren Andrews. 

HM Queen Elizabeth II by Chris Norman

Never seen without a hat, Chris Norman captures the impeccably dressed monarch in a lilac outfit and white gloves. On the deck of a ship, the Queen looks out to sea.

Commonwealth Head Of State by  Gary Hogben

Guaranteed to arrive faster than any letter, Gary Hogben has created a head covered in stamps that begin with Queen Victoria at the top and continue through to Queen Elizabeth II. Most countries from the Commonwealth are to be found in various places around the head.

Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth by  Eliane Ellie

Eliane Ellie depicts a more colourful portrait of the Queen. In recent years, some of the most famous official commissioned portraits of HM have also been in a more contemporary style.

Queen Elizabeth II - 90th Birthday by  Peter Mason

Things are beginning to become quite meta with Peter Mason’s artwork, Queen Elizabeth II – 90th Birthday. Here, HM is seen as the top head of the playing card, which is made entirely from Royal Mail-issued postage stamps that have featured her face throughout her reign. If you look closely, there are other symbolic tributes to the Queen’s reign in almost 3000 stamps.

Spliff Queen The 3rd Red (On Paper) by  Juan Sly

Cult artist Juan Sly has added his own quirky adaptation of the Royal Mail stamp featuring Queen Elizabeth II. His original spray paint pieces of the stamp have been made in both red and black. In a way, the addition of the arm carrying a cigarette is a nod to a more traditional style when the characteristics of kings and queens were shown by what their hands were doing.