Artists and gallery owners are often asked, “If I buy this painting, will it be a good investment?” The truthful answer is always, “If you like it enough to spend the money, buy it. If it goes up in value…that’s a bonus.” Over the last few years, hundreds of people have liked the work they have seen in The Malvern Theatres enough to buy. Because the sales are through this on-line website, distance selling regulations means that they could have been returned for a full refund…..but none have.

What sells and what doesn’t, as ever in the world of Art, is simply a matter of personal choice. The selections made every six weeks or so, are based on the likelihood of sales as well as quality. Artists come considerable distances to hang their work in this prestigious venue. The vast majority can’t wait to show their work a second or third time.

A classic case in point, is Amanda Dagg.

Her dreamy, highly textured works, sell well here. Her starting point is always the natural world, but it’s the decorative possibilities which excite her. Sales are so good she struggles to keep up with the demand. She has a long list of returning customers from across the World. We are lucky enough to be able to showcase her most recent work in Malvern. If you like the look of what you see, get down to the theatre soon. As they say, “When it’s gone it’s gone.”


Totally Different are the largely abstract works of Shaun Keefe.

Going to art school in the mid '70's and loving the music of Hendrix, Zeppelin, Cream etc., gave him the foundation and impetus to develop and create his own contemporary style of work. The use of colour and textures play a major part in these pieces. Among the work on show are 3 “Guitart” pieces. These large works use a mixture of Hessian, Gauze, Glues, Cotton, Sharp sand and Gravel, with occasional use of emulsions, glazes and oil pastel work. The finished canvasses are then placed with various guitars in situ, photographed and treated with a range of photo effects. These images are then printed.

If your taste, on the other hand, is for the more traditional, the landscapes by Michael Salt, will “float your boat”.

His technically superb oils, sell with frames chosen to enhance their colour qualities. Subjects range from rural to coastal scenes, with several celebrating his local surroundings around Stourbridge. His works depicting fishing boats at rest in harbour are particularly popular.  Michael is an associate of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, and has been selected to show at the annual Royal Society of Marine Artists for the last four years. He is also a member of the Guild of Waterways Artists. All of these honours reflect his professional expertise.

This exhibition runs, all day, every day from 17 April to 28 May.

Malvern Theatres continues to showcase the very best in Theatre, Art and Music. Long may it continue.