We love a good landscape at ArtGallery - and this month we celebrated a country famous for its painted scenes. It is, of course, Ireland. 

There are so many ways to capture the beauty of an Irish landscape, whether it's the ever-moving coastline, its lush, green hills, or a dramatic sunrise. 

Here are some ArtGallery artists who all express the character of the landscapes in a unique way:

Cooniger by Arabella Kiszely

Arabella Kiszely beautifully captures the drama of the Beara Peninsula on a cloudy afternoon. The textured sky and sea gives a real feeling of movement, contrasting with the warm orange of the rocks. This oil painting almost puts you in the scene itself. 

Coast by Jeremy Shipton

Jeremy Shipton's acrylic painting has captured the west coast of Ireland on a much calmer, sunnier day. This highlights the wonderful contrasts in Irish weather, and shows how one painting can vary so much from another depending on the season. 

The blues and aquas are what give the painting a strong sense of summer. Although the sea is calmer, there is still movement to the piece, as waves break on the rocks.

The free brush strokes of the cliff top give this area of the work a softness that highlights the many detailed lines in the cliffs below.

Irish Lough Connemara - by Steve Hawthorn

Capturing lights and darks between rays of sunshine and clouds can be done in smooth strokes, as Steve Hawthorn demonstrates in Irish Lough Connemara. Unlike the informal brushwork in the paintings above, Steve has conveyed a sense of stillness in this lake scene using the contrast in light and colour to bring depth to the painting. 

Winding Road by Barbara Craig

Winding Road is a great example of how a landscape can be interpreted in so many different ways. This bright painting of wild flowers by a field in west Ireland captures the playful breeze that gives so many Irish landscapes their energy.

The softness of the line of mountains in the distance gives great depth against the bold strokes in the foreground.