As is often the case, all three artists, in this exhibition are new to Malvern. It is part of the ethic of shows organised by this online gallery, to encourage new talent, or talent never seen there before. There is a wealth of artists, of all styles, out there, choosing is part of the fun.

Barbara Fletcher studied at the Cheltenham School of Art, gaining a degree in Fine Art. She is based in Gloucestershire. She draws her inspiration from a variety of subjects, but the works in this show celebrate the coast of the South West of the UK and the wonderful light which has drawn artists there for over a century. Her work, sometimes described as impressionistic, contains enough of the atmosphere of the region to draw the viewer in, but leaves enough for the imagination to allow personal interpretation of the scene

Barbara says, “People often feature in my paintings, often in crowded beach scenes, as I find their “busyness” and enjoyment evoke a slightly ephemeral and whimsical feel to my pictures”.

Tonal and colour relationships are important to Barbara in helping to capture the quality of light, whether it be the unique intensity of the Cornish coast or the gentle and soft light of the Gloucestershire countryside. She works from sketches, photos she has taken, and from memory. She is an established artist with an international reputation.



Simon Knott’s work couldn’t be more different. His sharp focus studies of a range of subjects which attract him vary from, patches of local landscape, to work inspired by the Severn Valley Railway, but mostly animals.  Simon is “Wild about Wildlife”, because he was born in the ancient woodland of Wyre Forest near Bewdley, in the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire, by the River Severn. He has spent most of his creative life in the Wyre Forest area... which has a diverse collection of Birds and Wildlife – the greatest inspiration for his Art.

He studied Art at Hereford College of Art & Design and the University of Central England, Birmingham, where he received a B.A. (Hons) in Design. He collected awards for design including * British Design in Japan * for a Citizen Watch design and a Heals of London Award for Furniture.


 The third artist showing work here for the first time is, Elaine Allender. Her celebrations of nature do not attempt realism in a photographic sense. She came to art by the roundabout route of gardening. For the past twenty years she has loved designing and planting first her own, then other people's gardens.

A few years ago, she started to experiment with putting paint onto canvas, “not really sure what I was doing”, but enjoying the experience and finding the same compulsion as she did when in the garden. Although the images invoke the beauty of nature they are strictly imagined scenes, where the process of applying paint to canvas is part of the pleasure enjoyed by the artist and gleaned second-hand by the viewer.

Elaine explains that, “All sense of time goes, and I'm left with the sensory experience of colour and texture. I paint meadows, coastlines and landscapes, always with some of my favourite blooms”.

The exhibition runs until 16 April. The Theatre is open every day. The Malvern complex houses, two auditoria, a cinema and a good restaurant.