At this time of year, when the days are so short, you may well be getting up before dawn and coming home after dark. Add to that, the fact that we have had weeks of dank, grey and miserable weather and, you like me, will be dreaming of that time of year, when the warmth of the sun makes the outdoors a place to enjoy. So it is, that the selection of artists for this next show at Malvern Theatres, celebrates the memories of glorious holidays on a beach somewhere, in a small fishing village or in Britain’s glorious countryside. Owning such a painting, would help remind the buyer of how wonderful, the Summer and Autumn really are.

Sandra Francis paints evocative seascapes from her studio within sight of the Solent, on the Isle of Wight. Artists have loved to work in coastal areas because the light is so special. Previously, Sandra had her own gallery near Maidenhead, Berkshire for 8 years, where she sold her own artwork as well as several other artists’ original paintings. She developed a range of 55 London scenes which were printed and sold in London; some used in the backdrops of popular television series.

She has sold paintings world-wide via the internet, and journeyed to Africa to paint portraits. She developed a range of tropical seascapes from imagination, having spent her childhood in Africa.

It was after closing her gallery in 2000, that she moved to the Isle of Wight to paint acrylic seascapes of its beautiful coastline. This is Sandra’s first exhibition in Malvern.

Paul Bursnall’s viewpoint, in contrast, is often from the sea towards the land. He paints nautical scenes in a naive style using blocks of colour and heavy outlines. Collectors love the freshness of colour Paul uses to portray his subject matter. His works are contemporary in style, while at the same time harking back to images from our youth. In Paul’s works, like in our memories of summers past, the sun always shines.

Paul is a member of ABNA (Association of British Naive Artists) and Bucks Art Society. A finalist in the Aesthetica Art competition, his work of almost 1500 originals has sold across the world, especially the United States and Ireland.

Like Sandra, he has not shown in Malvern before. 

Diana Aungier-Rose also paints works which celebrate the sweetness of nature. In her case the scenes are inland, but the fascination with the play of light, and the way it describes form are key to her style.

Although she was born in Oxford in 1956, she lived in South Africa for most of her teenage years before returning to London in 1979. Her years in South Africa had a profound effect on her work; the sumptuous colours of the landscapes, the skies and the people of the country are reflected in the opulence and vibrancy of her paintings. She now paints and holds art classes in her home studio in the Cotswolds and visits France as often as possible. Diana has exhibited widely throughout UK and her work is held in collections across Europe. This is Diana’s second exhibition at Malvern Theatres.  



The exhibition runs every day from Monday 25 January to Saturday 5 March.