As an artist, I love to create pictures that tell a story, and the greatest compliment I ever receive is when someone tells me that my art has moved them in some way. That is the magic of art: it can capture a moment that instantly transports you to another world, right where you stand - and even in a small space, the right artwork can give you a little of that magic.

Big paintings work well as centrepieces in big spaces - in a lobby or over a fireplace or a sofa - and they can instantly give a room personality and set the mood.

But smaller works can transform a small space - whether a single small drawing that hangs over a reading nook or desk and inspires, or a collection of works that line a hall or stairwell and together tell a story or lend warmth and colour to a den or snug. I cherish this idea, and as a result I often choose to create smaller works of art - whether little cartoons that might make a visitor to the downstairs cloakroom smile, or beautiful paintings to transform a dark little cranny and fill it with colour.

One of the best displays of art I have seen in a small place was in a hallway of a small flat, where a collection of small, colourful watercolours had been displayed at an upward angle leading from the entrance door to the flat. They were framed in simple wooden frames that did not distract from their impact, and they lent a sense of space, brightness and colour to a previously uninteresting and poorly lit space. Although the artworks did not share a subject, they all expressed a sense of freedom, in a brilliant reflection of their owner's personality. (I must admit here that my family and I liked this idea so much that we have shamelessly copied it in our own home!)

If you only have a small space, it's more important than ever to choose the right artwork for you. There are no rules - only that you find something that you love!