This week we shine the spotlight on bestselling artist, Sheryl Roberts. Reflecting the early morning light and catching the energy of the moment are the main inspirations behind Sheryl’s works. The intensity of the scenes she captures give a real impact, aided by the choice of strong pigment in oils and acrylics, and the occasional bold marks from a palette knife.

We find out where Sheryl gets her inspiration and very recognisable style from:

'Severity' - by Sheryl Roberts

ArtGallery: Describe a typical day in your life as an artist ...

Sheryl Roberts: I wake up very early! This is my favourite time of the day when the earth is sleeping I find peace and solace watching the day break.

AG:  Where do you gather inspiration for your artwork?

SR: With my iPad I capture the light gradually turning on the vast skies. Experiencing the first light and the waking landscape gives me my main source of inspiration.

AG: What was the first piece of art you created and the first piece of art you sold?

SR: I sold my first piece in 1999 and still thrive on sharing my ideas through my paintings. I was elated to find, as an abstract artist, others could share my vision and appreciate my art as I assumed, at first, that this was an inward and very personal representation of my thoughts and feelings.

'The Beginning Of Life' - by Sheryl Roberts

AG: What is the most important piece of equipment in your artist’s tool box?

SR: The most important piece of equipment in my toolbox is an old working clock face of my late grandfathers. I look at it too much! I am pretty obsessed with time - constantly trying to predict what the sky will look like throughout the day.

AG: How has helped you progress your artistic career?

SR: Since joining I have sold many pieces of artwork. It certainly helped in gaining a wider audience for my work together with Aileen and Heather (the "real" people behind it!) being helpful and encouraging throughout.


'Breaking Through' - by Sheryl Roberts