Finding and painting an energy, whether it be from a vibrant figure or a decaying building, can produce fantastic works of art. Alexandra Grashion-Cowley paints striking oil on canvas works that show a real vibrancy. We asked her about her life as an artist and what keeps her inspired. 

ArtGallery: Describe a typical day in your life as an artist.

Alexandra Grashion-Cowley: A typical day for me in my life as an artist would begin with a brisk ‘doggie’ walk for fresh air and exercise before returning to set up my studio and immerse myself in the current project. Paint is retrieved from the fridge and various pieces of equipment are suitably placed ready for use. Music to set the mood, and black coffee are often a welcome and necessary addition.


'Hiding In Plain Sight' - by Alexandra Grashion-Cowley

ArtGallery: Where do you gather inspiration for your artwork? 

AG-C: Inspiration for my artwork can often hit me blindside when I least expect it. It can be something as simple as seeing beautiful colours together in whatever form, or a particular piece of music. I am often drawn to architecture, especially if it is falling into decay - to me this holds a strange beauty because it is no longer perfect. The energy of models on a catwalk and the spectacular colour of their clothing and the lighting effects are always a source of inspiration, having been heavily involved in the clothing industry. I see fashion as art on a body. I also attempt to portray a mood within my paintings to create atmosphere.

ArtGallery: What was the first piece of art you created and the first piece of art you sold?

AG-C: I have created art in some way ever since I could hold a pencil and was presented with a little desk. My ability is an inherent gift from both parents so I have been artistic for the whole of my life. The first piece of art I sold was a commissioned portrait of a doctor, which was well received.


'A Rose By Any Other Name'  - by Alexandra Grashion-Cowley

ArtGallery: What is the most important piece of equipment in your artist’s tool box?

AG-C: The most important ’tool’ that I own would be my imagination! All art equipment and paint is important to an artist but I have two huge easels which are invaluable due to my preference for producing large canvases, and also my computer, frequently used for research.

ArtGallery: What art do you enjoy and admire?
AG-C: I enjoy and admire art by many artists ranging from Jackson Pollock to Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema - two completely different genres at opposite ends of the spectrum, but the art that I enjoy most and am proud to own has been produced by my own children, each being artistically gifted themselves.


'I Think Therefore I Am' - by Alexandra Grashion-Cowley

ArtGallery: How has helped you progress your artistic career?

AG-C: has proved to be a most wonderful marketing tool. I had previously been with a gallery in London for seventeen years until it closed due to retirement. This was followed by a reflective period when I questioned my direction, but having discovered ArtGallery I have never looked back. The service given with ready support and encouragement is second to none, and I feel well and truly ‘back in the frame’!

'Sunday Best' - by Alexandra Grashion-Cowley