Juan Sly is an artist that mainly works with spray stencils and oils. His art channels a wide spectrum of themes from sex to surreal                                             to humour to anti-war. He has exhibited at the Saatchi alongside the likes of Banksy and has permanent collections at the Cut-Up                                             in Germany and Outside the Square, opposite the Tate, London. Here’s what he had to say when we interviewed him:

Describe a typical day in your life as an artist

Juan Sly: It typically starts in the bar of some hotel somewhere; I spill my drink on some hawt chick in a tight, black dress. Usually, I find out she is in trouble somehow, her brother has disappeared which "just isn't like him", and the police won't help. Anyway, I can never refuse a hawt chick in distress so I help her and....well, things move on from there...

Where do you gather inspiration for your artwork? 

JS: I mainly just copy other people's paintings and do them much cheaper. Luckily, I'm rubbish and nobody notices the similarities.


Above: ‘Bollard Bombas by Juan Sly

What was the first piece of art you created and the first piece of art you sold?

JS: I was a child prodigy and painted some lupins. The school didn't believe me, saying my parents had done it. This was totally unfair as they were out at the time. I wised up and just painted simplistic nonsense like the other children and haven't looked back since. 

I once kicked my football in a neighbour's garden and he wouldn't give it back. I was going through my surrealistic period at the time, so I sprayed a huge phallus coming out of a stick man's head on his side wall. He eventually sold his house and moved, so I guess that was the first painting that was sold.

Take your pick out of those.

What is the most important piece of equipment in your artist’s tool box?

JS: I don't think I can answer that question without coming up with a script for a new ‘Carry on’ film?!

How has ArtGallery.co.uk helped you progress your artistic career?

JS: I met one of the girls from ArtGallery.co.uk in a hotel bar in a small town in Gloucestershire. She bumped into me and I spilled my drink down her tight, black dress. Her brother had gone missing and the police were no help. She asked me to help – she was hawt and I can never resist a hawt chick...


Above: ‘What! Zebra. On The Daily Telegraph’ by Juan Sly

If you’re interested of owning a slice of the mad world inhabited this unique artist, then take a look at Juan Sly’s ArtGallery.co.uk profile today.