One of the joys of curating exhibitions at Malvern Theatres, is discovering new talent and giving those artists exposure to a much wider audience than before. This doesn’t have to be artists who are just starting out on their creative journey.

 A good case in point is Jill Lloyd. Her first successes in Art were whilst she was still at School. However, her art fell onto the 'back burner' as she led a busy and active life which involved a great deal of travelling.

 Some years ago, a chance meeting re-kindled Jill's interest, making her turn to painting once again. Now she paints avidly and with a passion and says she feels 'driven to paint'.

 This liveliness is very apparent in her work and she uses brush and palette knife to produce her pictures. She has a great love of colour and whilst she likes to paint traditionally, finds herself drawn to abstracting her work and painting in an Impressionistic style.

Similarly, colour and vitality epitomise the work of David Stevens.

He is mostly self-taught, having always loved art from childhood, it is only in the last few years he has devoted more time to his passion.

David uses acrylics in an abstract style, attempting to conjure something which has vibrancy and intrigue. He aims to draw the viewer into the piece. Preferring to suggest rather than show a realistic representation, his aim is to trigger your imagination, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and its many forms. His work often depicts a sense of movement capturing something wholly original.

Whereas Jill and David have not shown in Malvern before, Gill Stokes has shown her work there several times. She studied Fine Art after leaving school, but then decided to train as a primary school teacher, still painting and drawing in what little spare time she could find. She now paints full time. She is fascinated by the natural world and by the effects of changing light. She likes to draw and sketch outside whenever possible, but it is often more practical to make sketches and photographs and complete the painting in the studio.

She has exhibited in many galleries across the country including The Kings Place Gallery, London; Weston Park Gallery, Staffordshire; The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery, Birmingham; The Shirehall Gallery, Stafford; Keele University Gallery; The Octagon Centre, Sheffield; and The Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead.

This show runs every day from 13th August until 25th October.