Sunday mornings are a quiet time in the theatre complex, but there is always a group of "fans" who come in especially to see the new offerings. The selection of artists made includes newcomers and old favourites, intended to support new talent and celebrate established artists.

Alexandra Grashion-Cowley has been artistically gifted all her life; an inheritance from both her parents.

Her varied career began with commissioned artworks before progressing to produce original clothing and working in professional musical theatre as a set and costume designer. She has taught every form of art and enjoys the use of different media, attaining international recognition and 
receiving numerous awards. Her paintings have been published and featured on many occasions and in a variety of media. She is recognised as an artist with supreme technical skill. Her work is owned by collectors across the World. 

Jenny Schrag is a self-taught artist, who for the last 20 years lived abroad. 

She has exhibited in Oman, Cyprus, Geneva and in the South of France where she had her own gallery. Living and working in these countries and experiencing their different cultures was a constant inspiration. Her artwork often depicts scenes of everyday life using a vibrant palette of oils, inks or watercolour. The clarity of her vision, and technical skill, lifts what may initially seem to be mundane events to another level.

She now lives in Worcestershire and continues to seek out new and exciting subjects. Her work is owned by collectors across Europe.

My selection of some of my own recent work reflects my interest in architecture and in dramatic landscapes.
Artists interested in showing their work in the theatre should contact me at [email protected]


The exhibition is open every day - Sunday 9 August until Saturday 12th September.