Sneaking into private land under the cover of darkness or being chased by the police are both occupational hazards for the most dedicated street artists. Stereotypically macho activities such as these have led many to view the world of street art as male dominated. At the very least, they don’t fit the conventional perception of what many deem as ‘lady like’.

However, there is a group of exceptionally talented women that are determined to prove urban artistry is not the exclusive domain of men. To illustrate this fact, here are five of the best female artists, who have each swapped canvas for concrete to produce some of the world’s most exceptional examples of street art.



Image by Lord Jim

Kashink is a Paris-based artist, who is rarely seen in public without a pencilled on moustache. This persona is reflected in her work, which seeks to examine the absurdity of traditional gender roles in a bright, bold and often comical fashion. On request, she has revitalised the walls of many cities across the world, including London, Vienna, Ibiza, Bristol and Paris. As you can see from her work above, Kashink likes to paint a huge range of characters, which are often recognisable by their numerous eyes and huge skulls. 

Miss Van


Image by KylaBorg

Born in 1973, this French-born, Barcelona-based artist is one of the first women ever to work within the street art scene. Miss Van started painting graffiti murals in the streets of Toulouse when she was just 18 years-old, and by the time she was 20, she had totally revolutionised the city’s street art scene. Over two decades later, Miss Van has achieved universal acclaim for her work and exhibited in many galleries across the world. Her most iconic pieces feature renderings of Baroque-era ladies donning pearls and furs.



 Maya Hayuk


Image by Lord Jim

Maya Hayuk is a Brooklyn-based artist that is best known for effortlessly blending Ukrainian crafts into her large-scale psychedelic and geometric visions. Hayuk has spent most of her career crafting pieces for exhibitions. However, the ever-increasing scale of Hayuk’s work has led to her painting some murals on the outside of large buildings across the US. Thus, a lot more people have now become familiar with the spoils of her intoxicating designs.





Image by HelenSTB

Faith47’s street art career already spans the best part of two decades. In that time, she has created art in most of the world’s major cities. To bring her pictures to life, Faith47 uses a wider range of media than most other street artists, including graphite, oil paint, photography as well as spray paint. For many, Faith47’s art resembles storybook illustrations that seek to bring nature to the centre stage of urban environments.





Image by See-ming Lee

Born in Poland, Olek is an artist whose work is based on covering people and objects in ultra-vibrant crocheted cozies. One can often spot her work in New York, where she has covered everything from cars to bicycles, monuments and buildings in her iconic knitting. In her own words, Olek describes her work as “my madness becomes my crochet”. And it’s this outlook that allows her to blend passion with politics to produce street art which engages both the eye and the mind.

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