The new exhibition at Malvern Theatres features the work of another three artists with considerable reputations, consummate talent and proven sales record. The work is on show from Monday 18th May for six weeks.

Mike Skidmore’s still-life works rival the very best of this age-old genre. What they have which makes them even more collectable is a delightful whimsy derived from Mike’s chosen titles. There is in effect more there than meets the eye. The style may at first appear conventional, his choice of oils to portray his subject matter traditional, but the message is bang up to date.


Judith Selcuk works, by contrast, in more unusual media. She produces evocative and rich images using coloured pencils, artstix, crayons etc. and often adds gold and silver leaf to her compositions. The recognition of the superb quality of her technique with these materials is the reason she was asked to edit a magazine dedicated to their use, and she can be seen demonstrating her technique at venues across the country and on the “Create and Craft” TV channel.

The third artist on show is Graeme Robb. His acrylic works refer back to the excitement caused by Impressionism in the art world of the 19th century. The style remains a firm favourite with the British public, but Graeme’s works have a freshness which attracts 21st century buyers. Although he produces portraits in a similar style, the works in this show are all landscape inspired.

So, three artists, three different subject matters and three very different media.

The exhibition runs until Saturday 27 June.