Original artwork made with postage stamps by Peter Mason

As a movement, pop art emerged in the mid-1950s, using vibrant
colours and mechanical production techniques to produce vivid manifestations of
popular culture. Taking images from film, pop music, adverts and other
contemporary mediums, pop art’s aim is to subvert the context of commercialism
while offering a critique of traditional art values.

Despite being more than 60 years old, a new breed of artists
continue to work within this style today, offering a modern take on the
movement’s founding principles. To help you enjoy the chance to own an original
work, here’s our guide on how to buy a modern pop art print.

Do your

To figure out what art you do and don’t like, look at as much different work as
possible. Image from
Beata Ratuszniak

The best way to figure out what you like and what you don’t
like is by looking at a lot of pop artwork. Flick through art magazines, books,
visit exhibitions and check out online galleries. This way you’ll be able to
figure out exactly what you want to buy and what you can get in your budget

You’ll find that many modern pop art artists like to use an
alias rather than their real names. While this can create a sense of mystery
around an artist’s work, it can also make it difficult to know exactly what you
are buying and from whom.

Therefore, when you are buying original pop art, keep in mind
that all reputable sellers include a certificate of authenticity with their
work. This certificate will provide you with assurances that you are purchasing
a genuine artwork by the artist advertised.

How much does
pop art cost?

Above: Pop art
pieces by Andy Warhol tend to fetch millions, but you can still start your
collection without breaking the bank. Image from
Tomás Fano

In 2013, Andy Warhol’s Silver
Car Crash (Double Disaster)
set the record for the most expensive pop art
piece ever sold, when it was bought for $105 million at Sotheby’s in New York.
Of course, most of us don’t have that sort of money to spend on building an art
collection. But the good news is that you can find many examples of great pop
art pieces at affordable prices.

If you’re looking to start off a collection and are confined
by a strict budget, it is advisable to look for work by early-career artists
who are new to the scene. Work by this sort of artist can often be found for
under £100, and if their popularity surges, you may be lucky enough to see the
value of your purchase rise dramatically too.

Should I invest in a
limited edition piece or an original work?


Above: Natural Selection –Tree
Frog: A limited edition, pop art inspired print available to buy from Artgallery.co.uk
Print by
Natan Abalos

If you do have a little more cash floating around, you might
want to consider investing in an original 
work or a limited edition print – as it will have more chance of
increasing in value in the future.

As a rule, when buying a limited edition print, you should
look for works that have been reprinted 150 times or less.  Plus, it’s important that you keep your
receipt, invoice and certificate of authenticity, as these documents may be
useful in the future to justify the value of your purchase.

How do I protect my

Above: Could this painting by an up-and-coming pop art artist be worth
a fortune in a few years’ time? By
Zane Squires

If you are determined to buy pop art as an investment, you
need to know that prints are more susceptible to deteriorate when exposed to
light, heat or humidity.  As such, rather
than hanging them on your wall, you may want to consider storing them safely.

To help preserve the longevity of your pop art print, you
should always store your prints flat, preferably using backing boards, and
never roll them up. Where possible, you should also store them horizontally in
Mylar sleeves, and in a room that maintains a steady temperature between 10 and
27 degrees Celsius.

How to buy pop art
for the home

Above: This spectacular pop art work would provide a striking focal
point to any room. By
Andy Harwood

It’s possible to buy a piece of pop art as an investment,
but it’s not an exact science. For this reason, if you’re buying pop art for
your home, you should only buy a piece of art because you think that it will look
great on your wall.

Therefore you should ask yourself: will this piece suit my
colour scheme? Will I still love it in two years’ time?  And can I really afford it? Then, after you’ve
used your head, trust your heart and buy only what you love.


The diverseness of the artists working within pop art today
will ensure that the genre’s popularity continues to endure. If you buy an
original, a limited edition print of a well known artist, or the work of an
early-career up-and-coming artist, you could have a piece that increases in
value in the future.  The best pop art
works are also spectacular to the eye and capable of providing a finishing
touch to a wide variety of interior design projects.

So, are you ready to buy an original or a pop art print? It
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