The Spring Exhibition at Malvern Theatres is another celebration of the Natural World. These three artists, each with a solid fan-base, and collectors across the World, revel in recording the flora and fauna of the UK.

 Colin Aldridge is self-taught. He took up painting seriously only about ten years ago, although it was something that he had been doing on and off most of his life. Growing up in a small village, meant he spent his childhood in the countryside, where he first developed his love of nature; a passion for the beauty of trees, fields and the magic of water. He now lives on a Narrow Boat which is ideal for gaining the inspiration that he needs for many of his landscape paintings. What better place to be to observe nature at first-hand in all its ever-changing moods. Collectors choose his work because they recognise Colin’s capacity to capture the natural world via an impressive degree of technical skill.

Ian Ridley is a self-taught artist living and working in Feckenham Worcestershire. His work varies from traditional to semi-abstract, featuring the use of both texture and light. All of the works in this collection feature woodlands, drawing inspiration from the Worcestershire countryside where he lives and his frequent visits to France. He often works from memories, so that finished paintings tend to be places that we can all recognise in our own mind’s eye. He is a multiple prize winner in local and national competitions. His works and technique have been featured in American Art publications. Not surprisingly, he sells across the World.


Matthew Stutely is another multi-prize-winning artist, who is inspired by the animals and wildlife of the British countryside. Although he spent his childhood growing up in North London, having gained a degree in Fine Art in Huddersfield, he now lives and works near the picturesque village of Slaithwaite in West Yorkshire. His paintings have been featured in film and in DIY SOS on BBC1. He has exhibited and sold his wonderfully crafted works across the UK and internationally; commissions come from as far-afield as America.

 The remarkable variety of Art Exhibitions at Malvern Theatres is possible because the work is selected from the over 2,000 painters who sell through The only common element is quality and sensible pricing. This show continues every day until April 5th.