From 'the painter of light' to the reasons why more people
are buying original art today, we take a look at Art Gallery's most read
articles from 2014

1.   The Story Behind the Fighting

Mallord William, who is commonly referred to as 'the painter of light', is one
of the greatest masters of British landscape painting. One of his best works, The Fighting Temeraire, currently hangs
in the National Gallery – but did you know that the story behind its creation
is as good as the painting itself?


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2.   Choosing Original Art for Your Home

Above: End of Day II
by Dan Wellington, available to buy from Art Gallery

In recent
years, awareness and appreciation of original art works has grown. However, the
sheer level of advice available can make choosing art for your home a
bewildering experience. To simplify the process, we put together a few tips to
help you find the perfect piece to complement your interior design scheme.


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3.   Benefits of Owning Original Art

Above: Golden Grasses
by Amanda Dagg available to buy from Art Gallery

There are a multitude of benefits to owning original art.
Financially, buying original art can represent a sound investment. Plus, there
are less tangible benefits to owning art, which are harder to explain, such as
the way a painting can make you feel.

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4.   Art for the Office

Above: Bollard Bombas
by Juan Sly available to buy from Art Gallery

Broadly speaking, there are two reasons why art in the
workplace can be beneficial. One is the benefit it can provide to visitors, and
the second is the benefit it can provide to your workforce. This article provides
an in-depth analysis of the benefits that art in the office can provide.

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5.   Why More People Are Buying Original
Art Today

Above: Butterfly Swirl by Paresh Nrshinga available to buy
from Art Gallery here.

Art is experiencing a boom in popularity in popular culture,
as awareness of new artists and an understanding of interior design increases.
This article covers both these factors, plus a load more, to explain why more
people than ever are buying and collecting original art.

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