The chance to show work at Malvern continues to attract talent
from across the country, and in so doing, offers the chance for art lovers and
potential buyers to look at the work of artists they have never seen before.

David ‘DJ’ Johnson has been
drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. Creating artwork has
always been a driving force and passion in his life. He loves nothing better than
spending long periods of time wandering through autumn forests or following
misty mountain ridges. As you can see from his paintings, being outside in
nature is a huge source of inspiration and viewing his work takes you there. For
many years he worked in professional fine art studios - designing and producing
artwork for hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces, public areas and private
estates worldwide.Now an independent
freelance artist, he enjoys spending time teaching art classes and running
mural-painting workshops throughout the UK and Europe.

Tanja Moderscheim paints
flora, fauna, the figure and landscapes in oil, but most of the works in this
exhibition are still lifes. As a Dutch painter abroad, she works in the style
of the Dutch Old Masters, adopting traditional technique and style. Her paintings
have a timeless feel.
keeping with 17th-Century painting methods, she works on wood or linen and
builds up layers of pigment to achieve luminous paintings. She expresses a
sense of calm through the use of ample space, harmony and simple colour
schemes. Carefully crafting her paintings, she achieves pieces which offer the
viewer an oasis in today’s fast-paced world.
She sells successfully
across Europe.

Marion Wilford is self-taught. She has an eclectic taste in the style
and subjects she paints; pop art, seascapes, landscapes and room interiors. Her
inspiration comes from mood and from light; an incredible sky, a shaft of
sunlight dramatically illuminating a small visual jewel that otherwise would
remain hidden; an everyday object that acquires its own beauty by being
observed in close focus. “There is nothing more exciting than a blank canvas in
front of you and an image in your mind – and to see that image become real,
purely through myriad strokes of colour”. She chooses to paint in acrylics,
loving the immediacy and vibrancy of colours that are found in that medium. It also
allows the artist to layer the colours to achieve an endless variety of results.
Her work has been shown across the World but like the other two artists never
exhibited in Malvern before.

The exhibition is open seven days a week until
22 February.