They used to say that, “If you stand in Piccadilly Circus long enough all the world will pass you by”. This Christmas there’s no need to go to the trouble and expense, because London’s come to Malvern in the form of some exceptional paintings by Patricia Clements. She is showing six large London canvases along with another six smaller still-life works. This is her first exhibition at Malvern Theatres but hopefully not her last. It’s a great opportunity to see paintings by this internationally recognised artist.

If it’s a present for someone special, the theatre’s a good place to look. An original painting; a piece made unique by the talent of the artist, is a very special gift.

Monika Umba produces works with magical themes. Her domestic scale works contain enough thought provoking images to draw the attention and provide a talking point amongst your guests and family alike for years to come. The skill with which she tells her stories is as impressive as the tales themselves.

The bonus of a visit to the Theatre exhibition spaces, is that you will see all styles, prices and size of works from artists from across the U.K.

The third artist in the current show is Miriam Meek. She draws inspiration from the sky; the way that the time of day, the time of year, and atmospheric conditions make half our visual world an ever changing kaleidoscope of colour.

Three more very different artists from You'll be spoilt for choice. The exhibition runs from November 30th every day until January 11th.