The artists - Three Visions

Sheryl Roberts studied at Jacob Kramer School of Art, then graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University. Several years of teaching led her in 2001, to become a full time artist - working from her studio in Hyde Park. Her latest body of work is directly inspired by the changing skies over the aviation graveyards in Arizona - a place she finds mysteriously fascinating. She says,

“It’s a place that evokes emotion as reflective light seems to divide in every direction".

Her work has been much acclaimed through exhibition and private commission across the UK and Europe. She is rising steadily through the ranks of the UK’s best selling artists. This is her first exhibition in Malvern.

Gill Stokes was born and grew up in Warwickshire but now lives in Shropshire. She has always been interested in painting and drawing , even from a very young age she would save her pocket money to buy pencils and brushes.

She studied Fine Art after leaving school, but then decided to train as a primary school teacher, still painting and drawing in what little spare time she could find. 

She now paints full time. She paints in Oils, sometimes in Acrylics, and is fascinated by the natural world around us and the changing light. She likes to draw and sketch outside whenever possible, but it is often more practical to make sketches and photographs and complete the painting in the studio.

She has had paintings selected for exhibition in many galleries, including The Kings Place Gallery, London; Weston Park Gallery, Staffordshire; The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery, Birmingham; The Shirehall Gallery, Stafford; Keele University Gallery, Keele; The Octagon Centre, Sheffield; and The Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead. Gill has shown at Malvern twice before.

Yvette Metcalf’s artistic background began in ceramics and sculpture. She was taught her craft at a working studio at Codsall, Staffordshire. 

She created original sculptures in Bronze and was trained in techniques for producing original limited edition pieces. During this period she was able to work alongside many Fine Artists, including many who painted in oils. This helped her to develop the techniques she uses to create her original pieces.

She is capable of producing work in a variety of styles, but for this exhibition we have chosen to highlight only one. These brightly coloured imaginary landscapes are as popular with children as they are with their parents. Yvette is fast developing an impressive reputation for skilful and engaging works of art. This Yvette's first Malvern Exhibition.


The exhibition runs every day until 7th September. Click on any photo or artist's name to see more.