Every 6 weeks, three artists from this website show their work in the theatre complex at Malvern. This well known and much loved venue houses two theatres, a cinema and a quality restaurant. Many of it's touring shows come to Malvern after a London run, and often prior to London.


Every artist of any note has found a personal way in which to respond to the world about them. In the case of these three artists, their inspiration has been the natural world.

Sam Fenner has an ever growing reputation for her quirky animal portraits. The reason that she engenders such loyalty amongst collectors is because she imbues her subjects with almost human characteristics – as well as being technically excellent paintings. It is impossible to look at a Fenner animal work without a smile, a laugh or even a belly-laugh. They are a joy.

Jeanette Faulkner Clarke is just as technically superb, but her subject matter celebrates the power and beauty of the horse. Her equestrian paintings are a “tour de force” of the genre. Horse lovers queue up for her works. She is also showing three studies of native trees which are just as impressive in their own right. 

Rita Thorn’s studies of plant forms demonstrate a different interest. Her works are subtle, decorative and celebrate the beauty of the plants and flowers to be found in every garden and every hedgerow. She isolates them and focuses our attention on how much of what surrounds us we take for granted. “Jewelled” elements enhance their attractiveness.

The exhibition at Malvern Theatres is open every day until July 27th from 11.00 a.m. until after the last show finishes.