This exhibition showcases the work of three female artists with very different takes on how the world about us can be the source of inspiration.

Amanda Dagg has an international reputation for paintings which lift the spirit. Feed back from buyers, talks of the happiness her works bring to all who see them. The brightness and richness of her imagined landscapes is what attracts buyers over and over again. This is the third time she has shown in Malvern; the previous two being amongst the most successful shows staged in this beautiful venue. She is among the best sellers of all the artists who sell via the internet.

Shirley Netherton hails from Cornwall, and it is the light of the Cornish Riviera which shines out of her paintings. Anybody who has ever been to the South West of the UK will revel in the memory of holidays when the sun always shone, as it does in Shirley’s works. They are bright, clean and joyous celebrations of that part of this wonderful country. The scale of her paintings make them wholly suitable for domestic interiors.  

Light is the element which also inspires Lynne Cartlidge, but her approach couldn’t be more different. Her closely observed still-life paintings are a master-class in the use of pastel shades to describe form. Whatever the subject, the elements are teased out of the field of view with a sureness which is reassuring. These subtle paintings don’t scream at you but the message of timelessness is all the more potent. Anybody who buys one of these little gems will find more to see each day.

The exhibition is open every day until 3rd May.