One of the delights in arranging exhibitions in The Malvern Theatres, (so called because there are 2 theatres and a Cinema as well as a good Restaurant) is the opportunity to bring in artists who have never exhibited in the area before. This "new" talent is the life blood of any thriving centre for the arts.

The title of this exhibition was chosen because, whereas, all three artists have taken some inspiration from reality, they have manipulated reality in presenting us with very personal images.  In all the works on exhibition, imagination trumps reality, but not so fiercely that the result is so abstract as to be incomprehensible.

Kris Hardy's cityscapes are a delight. His large canvases demand attention. The images are of places we half recognise.  The buildings are statuesque. They loom out of the gloom and haze of the Metropolis. They are as impressive and imposing as the tower blocks and skyscrapers from which Kris draws his inspiration. 

Hazel Thomson's paintings may initially seem almost photographic, but closer inspection reveals a quirkiness intended to amuse. They are sharply focused, highly skillful representations of ideas rather than mere two-dimensional representations of the natural world. Hazel's multi-seasonal works are a particular delight.

Humph Hack has always been interested in architecture. Only recently has he begun to study the architectural and structural qualities of trees. This interest has led to a new series of paintings of specimen and heritage trees.

The exhibition is open every day until 30 March